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tv and the brainMy sixth grade teacher, Mr. Muir, was brilliant. He was kind, and funny, and encouraging, and he knew how to inspire even the most stubborn of his students (like me) to really care about learning. He had this thing in the classroom called the “what-is-it” of the week. It was a random weird item we’d never seen before. We’d have to figure it out what it was and guess at the end of each week, for a prize. There was also the “where-is-it” of the week, which was usually a photo of a place we’d never seen.

These things really stirred our imaginations. He was forever having us constructing things, sculpting things, writing stories… I remember being outside in the courtyard one spring, hammering away at a birdhouse. He was untiring in his zeal for teaching, and for his students. And I worked hard for him because I respected him. Mr. Muir also had a saying that I’ll never forget. He was known to randomly proclaim it in the middle of a lesson about something completely unrelated. That saying was…

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Live Long and Prosper: 5 Games to Make your Brain more Logical

Improve Logic and Reasoningimprove-logic-and-reasoning

Everybody knows somebody who always says “I’m a logical person” or “I think rationally.” And many times we assume that being a logical thinker is just a personality trait – but the truth is, logical thinking can be trained and improved. Years ago, logic was taught in elementary school classrooms – logic, like math, follows a system of rules and laws that can be taught and applied theoretically and philosophically. But don’t be fooled: there’s a big difference between learning how logic works and having the ability to think logically.

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“Memory” Christmas-style!

christmas_memory_gameChristmas Memory Game: Brain Booster!

The holidays are full of stress, worry, and lots of sugar. All of these can affect your memory, at least temporarily. See if your mind is as sharp as one of Santa’s elves, even after you ate your 27th snowman cookie! Find reindeer, angels, presents, boots, skates, and other Christmas items. Start off easy and progress to very hard. As a bonus, a sweet little elf will tell you when you have one right! (Note: it may take a little time to load.) Play here, at

Welcome to LearningRx!

Welcome to our new LearningRx Brain Training Blog! Here you’ll find information about everything related to brain training: what it is, how it works, and how LearningRx helps propel struggling students to the top of the class. At LearningRx, we have a passion to help kids (and their families) get past painful and frustrating struggles to read and learn. Every child has dreams, and we want to see those dreams realized.

Learning disability labels don’t have to stick forever. Now, there’s LearningRx.

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What is LearningRx Brain Training?

Learning Rx is the most effective solution to learning and reading problems caused by cognitive skill weaknesses. And since over 80% of learning problems are caused by cognitive skill weakness, we are confident that our brain training programs will help the majority of struggling students.  LearningRx is much more than a tutoring program.

We’ve helped thousands of students reach their full learning potential with brain training. Our programs make learning easier. A few months at LearningRx can dramatically decrease the amount of time a child will have to spend on homework, and can dramatically increase a student’s ability to remember and focus.

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