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ESPN Covers Sally Francklyn’s Recovery from a TBI


“My name is Sally Francklyn and I have a traumatic brain injury.”

In their recent coverage of well-known freeskiier Sally Francklyn, ESPN describes the young woman as a writer, skier, and much-loved personality in the freeskiing industry. Sally, who had recently landed a position as a public relations spokesperson for ski gear icons Nordica and Arc’teryx, was backcountry skiing with friends in March of 2012 when an 800-foot slide into a rock wall shattered her helmet and left her with a traumatic brain injury. Doctors were unsure if she could survive.

Eighteen months after the debilitating accident, Sally writes about her ongoing recovery, crediting rehabilitation caretakers, therapists and trainers—including her LearningRx brain trainers—for the progress she’s made so far.

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San Antonio Living TV Segment: “Incredible TBI Recovery”

 Four years after a devastating motorcycle accident left him with the brain function of a child, TBI survivor John Keller visits with Shelly Miles, host of the TV show San Antonio Living, about his incredible recovery. Joining John and Shelly on the set are Gina Cruz of LearningRx, and John’s dad, James Keller.

Two years ago, the Kellers contacted the San Antonio Northeast LearningRx Brain Training Center. The Texas family was desperate for a solution to help John reclaim even a little of the mental performance lost as a result of the massive head trauma sustained in the accident. When he began working with the certified trainers at LearningRx, John—then 35 and a graduate of Texas A&M—was struggling severely with a brain that was functioning in many areas at the level of a three-year-old.

Until contacting LearningRx, this father-of-two had been working extensively with physical therapists to reclaim his body. It was time, the family decided, to reclaim his brain.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Miracle: John Keller’s Amazing Journey to Recovery

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Traumatic brain injury. Crushed pelvis. Seventy (70!) days in a coma. John Keller may have survived the horrific motorcycle accident that derailed his life, but his fight for life had just begun.

After 14 surgeries and 344 days in the hospital, John Keller was released to go home—but life was anything but normal for the 34-year-old.

John says that, more than a year after his accident, his traumatic brain injury left him so impaired that, “I could meet somebody and forget their name in 30 seconds.” His vision, speech and ability to think were also impacted.

In this riveting video, John’s dad describes the mixed blessing of bringing his son home after 344 days in the hospital. He explains, “John went into the hospital on a gurney, in a coma, and we’re so thankful that he walked out. But what do you do after they walk out? John had come to a certain level in his understanding, his functions and his speech, but he needed to go further.”

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