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Mia Tischer – From Marathon Training to Brain Training

miaA life changing realization came to Mia Tischer while she was training for a marathon. It dawned on her that if the body could be trained to enhance physical performance, why couldn’t the brain could be trained to enhance mental performance?

Shortly after that realization, Mia made the decision to partner with LearningRx, a brain training franchise, opening a brain training center in Naperville, Illinois.

“My background is in social services working with adults and children with disabilities,” Tischer said. “I have a passion for helping others who are struggling.”

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Listen fast! Hear 236 Years of History recited in 17 Seconds!

And you thought patting your head and rubbing your stomach was hard!

If you REALLY want to test your powers of concentration and memory, you should try reciting the names of all 44 American presidents while executing a complicated cup-stacking pattern while surrounded by a distracting chorus of stomping, clapping classmates.

Now do it in 17 seconds.

A nationwide video contest launched by LearningRx inspired a slew of impressive videos of kids reciting the names of all 44 presidents while hitting baseballs, doing gymnastics, and ignoring obnoxious distractions.

The winner of the contest was eleven-year-old Travis Coron of Succasunna, NJ, who scored the grand prize of an iPad in this year’s national President’s Day contest with a 31-second clip that demonstrates amazing concentration, memory and multitasking skills. The 6th grader, who attended the LearningRx Brain Training Center in Chester, New Jersey, quickly recited all 44 U.S. presidents while performing a complicated cup-stacking pattern and blocking out major distractions. (Click here to see Travis in action!)

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Thank Your Mom for Those Piano Lessons: The Amazing Link Between Music and Cognition

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summer slideFor years, moms have been making their kids take summertime piano lessons. Not surprisingly, moms know best: it turns out those piano lessons may have helped you more than you realize. Over the summer, students typically lose over 22% of  what they learned the previous year. They call it “summer slide” and Kim Bellini, director of the LearningRx center in The Woodlands, Texas, has seen it firsthand.

In a recent article, Bellini says “Speaking from my experience as a teacher, we typically spend the first six to eight weeks of the school year helping students relearn what they forgot over the summer. It’s just like working out muscles – you have to keep your brain trained.”

So, how can we keep kids’ brains in shape and avoid summer slide? Here’s one way that might surprise you.

Summer Slide – A Smart (and Musical) Idea

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