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Get an Exclusive Peek at Our New Magazine – And Give Back to Other Parents Who Need Your Help!

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How did you find us? Would you like to help other parents find us too? Which images or messages will do the job? We are always trying to figure out ways to create materials that will appeal to the people that need our help. It goes way beyond selling – it’s about getting through the noise so the people who need us can hear the clear message: brain training will help your child learn.

If you are a parent of a graduate (or any parent interested in helping kids learn better) we could really use your help right now. It’s time to choose a new LearningRx magazine that will reach thousands of parents’ eyes, and we need your input. There was a time when you were looking for answers for your child, and something we produced caught your eye. Now, other parents are in the same position. We need you to tell us what you think will catch their eye, so they (and their child) can get help and get smarter!

Take 5 minutes and give back, by clicking here.

Who We Are: Get to Know the Heart Behind the Brain at

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LearningRx.orgIntroducing a brand new LearningRx website…!

Parents with children who struggle to learn are careful to choose wisely which programs they invest in. They want a program that is created by and run by people who care for them and their children, from the heart.  The purpose of is to give parents the confidence that we are indeed that kind of company.

Another reason for the creation of is that we receive many questions about the background and identity of our company, and before now we have not had a convenient place on the web that provides the answers to these questions. So, the pages focus on answering questions about LearningRx, Inc. with information that might not be readily available on our other web presences.

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