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LearningRx “…So Amazing for Two of My Kids That I Just Enrolled My Third Child.”

“My oldest son sat down yesterday and got 21 out of 21 questions right on his Math!!!  MIRACLE!!!!” a Florida mother exclaims on her blog. She’s seen incredible results, such as her son’s perfect math scores, in her two children since they enrolled in a LearningRx progam. In fact, she’s seen such incredible results that she went ahead and enrolled her third child in the program! She adds, “They genuinely care about your child’s brain. Now that sounds funny, doesn’t it?” Read more of this mother’s blog to hear all about her children’s progress!


LearningRx – Changing Lives is All in a Day’s Work

LearningRx gives its employees the incredible opportunity to change lives on a daily basis. As the largest one-on-one brain training company in the world, LearningRx has helped thousands of students of all ages unlock their potential. “Clients who benefit from the programs include struggling students, high-achieving students who want to excel, working adults looking for an edge in the workplace, senior adults wanting to stay mentally fit, traumatic brain injury patients looking to regain lost brain skills, as well as children and adults with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, Asperger’s and other challenges that impact learning and mental performance.” Check out CareerBuilder for more information on how you can join the LearningRx team and help make a difference in so many lives!


LearningRx Helps With TBI Victim’s Miracle Recovery

John Keller’s life was interrupted the day he got in a serious motorcycle accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury (and 70 days in a coma!). After nearly a year in hospitals, this courageous man had made a miraculous physical recovery…but, what about his brain? His TBI left him functioning at the level of a four-year-old. Fighting to gain his pre-accident self back, John enrolled in LearningRx where he achieved incredible gains and progress through one-on-one brain training. After 12 weeks in the program, his trainer listed multiple positive changes, including “…he stays on task and has high hopes for his future.” Check out John’s riveting story!


LearningRx – A Memory “Grand Slam”!

There is nothing easy about hitting a baseball. It takes focus, hand-eye coordination and perfect timing. What if someone told you that, in addition to hitting the ball, you also needed to recite the Presidents of the United States of America – in order? Could you do it? This young man can! Check out this fun YouTube video of Josiah reciting the Presidents while stepping up to the plate in a batting cage. This display of divided attention is amazing!


LearningRx – Surprisingly Fun for a Boy Who Doesn’t Like Trying New Things

Her other two children were already participating in a LearningRx program and seeing wonderful results, but would her third child enjoy it? “He was determined to hate it.  He doesn’t like trying new things and is definitely my introverted one,” this mother says, explaining her son’s mindset about going to LearningRx. His feedback after the first session couldn’t have been more opposite! “I love it mom!” he said. Visit this mom’s blog to read more about her son’s surprise, positive reaction.


LearningRx Makes a Good Showing on the 2010 Inc.500|5000 List!

On the 2010 Inc.500|5000 list, LearningRx holds strong, ranking #72 in the Education category! In addition to this achievement, LearningRx also took the honors of an overall ranking of #4,901. Inc. Magazine, a well known  publication, caters toward business owners and entrepreneurs. They release their 500|5000 list annually, grading eligible businesses on many criteria, such as growth and revenue. To view the LearningRx Company Profile and affiliated data, click this link!


LearningRx Reviews: Her Son Did a Complete 180

In this blog post, one mom writes about the toll that learning struggles were taking on her son’s attitude and self-esteem. “He had a really bad attitude towards anything that had to do with school work, learning to read, sounding out words.” Particularly heartbreaking, her son became convinced as a result that “he wasn’t smart.” Then she talks about the program that inspired a “complete 180” in her son and gave him a passion for learning. Follow the link to read about the program that gave this mom hope in the face of learning struggles.


LearningRx Program Participant’s Progress Tracked in Mother’s Blog

“The biggest change I have noticed is that he is choosing books he actually wants to read…rather than books with the fewest or easiest words as he had been choosing.” These are the words of a LearningRx participant’s mother, commenting on the progress she’s seen in her son since he began one-on-one brain training at LearningRx. At the halfway point in her son’s program, this mother is already witnessing fantastic results in her son’s reading capability (and motivation!). Visit Tracy Stevens’ blog to discover the other benefits her son gained from the program!




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Shawn Dalton

My name is Shawn, I’m 23 years old, one of the oldest student Learning Rx has had in McKinney, TX. I have a wife and 1 yr. old son. I Started Learning Rx back in July 2014. No I wasn’t in any accident that caused brain damage. However though, I have ADHD, Learning Disabilities especially when it comes to “school environment.” My parents tried to get me the help back in my school years but I manipulated my way through school. But now that its time to “grow up and take care of my family and myself” well I truly started to see my disabilities in myself. So I finally admitted to myself and my parents I need help. We came across Learning Rx online and we went. I’v only been here for 4 months now but I have seen A HUGE DIFFERENCE in my studies and capability to learn and comprehend things. I have till March when my program ends, I’m getting excited to see what the next few months will bring, and what changes will occur in myself. Parent’s out there that are looking into this I highly recommend this and if anything I’d be more then happy to talk to you about this. If my wife and I start noticing our son having problems we definitely will be bring him to Learning Rx.

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