Ten-year-old Taylor Peterson didn’t want to compete in gymnastics this year. She started gymnastics when she was three, and loved it, but after seven years it was time to start competing, and she just didn’t have the confidence to continue.

“It was so hard,” says her mom Kim Peterson. “You have this little girl that you know is awesome, but she doesn’t know it. She couldn’t see what we could see – all that potential and just how good she really was. She just said she felt horrible and didn’t want to compete.”

Then Taylor started a personalized, one-on-one brain training program at LearningRx to help with her school work. Taylor had always worked incredibly hard in school, yet she always struggled too, even with extra help.

“Her teachers always just told me to be patient – that it would click,” says Kim. “They would tell me that she was the hardest worker in the class, and that eventually she’ll get it because she’s a really smart kid.” But when it still hadn’t clicked by fourth grade, Taylor’s teacher warned the Petersons that they needed to find the problem and fix it soon to avoid a future of escalating struggles and learning problems.

Cognitive skills testing found the problem and confirmed the Petersons’ suspicion that Taylor had never developed the phonemic awareness skills necessary to be a strong reader. Brain training at LearningRx changed all that. Homework is now easier and faster, Taylor’s getting better grades, and for the first time ever she’s performing at grade level.

“LearningRx brain training helped me so much,” says Taylor. “I used to study spelling words so much every single night, and now I just study one night and get good grades. I like school more now that it’s easier.”

At the end of training, testing confirmed impressive improvements in Taylor’s cognitive skills, equating to a general IQ increase of 18 points. But the Petersons didn’t need the test results to confirm the improvements. They noticed the first big change within weeks of starting the program when Taylor’s confidence soared and she came to her Mom and said, “I’m ready to compete!”

Taylors’ newly strengthened attention skills gave her such intense focus under pressure that other moms marveled at it. Her stronger memory skills helped her quickly remember new routines during one practice instead of writing them down and reviewing dozens of times at home. And at the end of the season, Taylor claimed the top spot on the podium – first place at state in the all-around for level four gymnastics.

“It’s so emotional,” says Kim. “She’s there because of LearningRx. You changed her little life. I fear that she would’ve turned into a lost little soul, and now she’s so confident and excelling in so many different areas. It’s such a relief that she’s not struggling in school anymore. It’s just been awesome.”

Taylor demonstrates her improved attention and memory skills and her champion-level gymnastics talent in this winning video for the annual LearningRx President’s Day Video Contest. Taylor recites all 44 U.S. presidents, forward and backward, in the 31-second clip and won an iPad, and another title, for the effort.