Do You Love Your Grandmother? Watch This Video.

stroke recoveryThink LearningRx is just for kids? Virginia Romero, from Shreveport, LA is 82 years old.  She had a stroke and lost some of her abilities.  She couldn’t remember where she lived or how old she was – so she called LearningRx in Shreveport to see if they could help. The following video is proof.  She is self-confident, enjoying novels, and beating the other ladies at cards. In her own words “…everything moves better and faster than it did before…when I read, I understand and retain more than what I did before… the main thing, I think, for me is, that it gave me hope that I’m not really at the end of my life. I’m 82 years old, but I’m still not ready to go and just give up. I’m still looking forward to new things, and LearningRx has certainly played a big, big part in that.”

What Does Dyslexia Feel Like?

dyslexiaRead this:

We pegin our qrib eq a faziliar blace, a poqy like yours enq zine. Iq conqains a hunqraq qrillion calls qheq work qogaqhys py qasign.

Having trouble reading this? Well, this gives you just a little taste of what it’s like to have a reading struggle.

Now that school has started back up, you may see your child struggle to read. Maybe you have trouble reading and wish others could understand your struggle. Dyslexia is, simply, difficulty reading or learning to read; it is a symptom of underlying difficulties. Visual processing, auditory processing, phonological processing, and other cognitive skills all need to be strong for reading to be successful. So, see for yourself what it’s like to have trouble reading.

Once you have experienced dyslexia, come back and see me.

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Disembodied Rat Brain Controls Robot

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rat brain robotScientists in England have done something that makes all the science fiction you’ve ever watched or read seem suddenly plausible. They’ve taken brain cells (neurons) from the brain of a rat, and put them in a bell jar. Creepy enough already, but just wait. They also made a little robot, with sensors that “speak” to the rat’s brain via bluetooth. The data the sensors collect is transmitted to the actual brain. In the bell jar. Then, the brain (in the bell jar) sends commands back to the robot’s wheels. Yes. In this way, the disembodied rat brain actually learns, and, using its robot body, figures out how to avoid walls and scamper about like a normal rat. The most amazing part? Since the brain cells only live for about 3 months, they’ve used several different rats. And guess what? The robot behaved differently with every change. This is a real, live, rat cyborg. Now you’ve officially seen everything (let’s hope!) Watch the video, it’s totally creepy and amazing.

intelligence test

This fascinating video may challenge your ideas about intelligence. It’s called “Battle of the Brains” and explores the different types of intelligence that can be found in different people. There are 7 people in the challenge: a fighter pilot, a dramatist, a quantum physicist, an artist, a chess grandmaster, a musical prodigy and a Wall Street trader. Who comes out on top? Start with the link below and enjoy the drama of  “Battle of the Brains”!

5 Tips for Finding Good Brain Training Resources

brain training websiteAnytime a great new idea comes on the scene, it is inevitably followed by a herd of experts all claiming that they have the best resource for you. But how can you tell which one is telling the truth?

Brain training is no exception to this principle. It’s new, it’s exciting and it is yielding amazing results in people with learning struggles. There are lots of new brain training resources popping up every day, and their claims are not always consistent, or easy to understand. When it comes to your child’s future, you need a clear answer. So what do you do? Here are five tips that we hope will help you decide which resources to pay attention to and which to take with a grain of salt.

Tip #1: Investigate.  Search for information. Check out the reputation of the resource in question. Anyone can make a program sound great with clever marketing copy. But real results are hard to fake. So, take into account the background and credentials of the company. Call the company and ask to be connected with real people who have been helped by their program. Search around to find out whether your resource is credible.

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